Captain Jack Dead Bug 32oz

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Bonide Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew, RTU, 32 oz.

Help your lawn, garden, or ornamental plants flourish pest free using Bonide Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew. This all-natural spray controls or eradicates armyworms, leafminers, thrips, and worms in your garden and yard. Use the convenient sprayer nozzle and apply the product evenly to your apple trees, tomatoes, melons, broccoli, peas, and lettuce plants. On select plants, this mixture can even be applied as little as one day prior to harvest. The active ingredient, Spinosad, derives from naturally occurring bacteria and is listed as an organic substance with the USDA, for use in organic and natural gardens. The adjustable nozzle on the bottle can shoot the liquid in a strong, direct line, or a more gentle, wide fan pattern, and the product can be used up to 6 times per growing season if needed. Have a pest free garden or lawn in a natural way using this Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew.